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« Sunday August 13, 2017 »
Start: 9:30 am
End: 12:30 pm

Join San Diego Audubon in our efforts to restore native sand dune habitat at No Man's Land this summer!

This event will run from 9:30 am - 12:30 pm on Sunday, August 13th. Parking and check-in will be in the dirt lot at the entrance to Fiesta Island. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early to allow for check-in.

Start: 1:00 pm
End: 3:00 pm

"Knowledge is the Beginning" is the story of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, where young Arabs and Jews perform and live side by side. It is a film about what music can do; the way it can transcend cultural barriers, bring people together, defeat prejudice and overcome religious and political differences. This orchestra overcame the impossible to play in Palestine

Start: 6:30 pm
End: 9:00 pm

Preparing to Win in the Courts: A Three-Prong Approach to 9/11 Justice

The 9/11 Truth Movement is structuring itself to win in the courts. Two new organizations have been formed as companions to the well-recognized Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). The three, together, will form a three-prong approach to bringing 9/11 Justice.

Start: 8:00 pm
End: 9:31 pm

San Diego County Administration Center San Diego, CA 92101
When: Sunday, August 13, 8:00 PM
We're gathering in front of the County Administration building for a candlelight vigil for the vicitms of Saturday's deadly terrorist white supremacist attack in Charlottesville, VA.
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