Activist San Diego's membership meeting for ELECTIONS; ASD Board &

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09/21/2020 - 7:00pm
09/21/2020 - 9:00pm
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The most important election of our lives!

Join Activist San Diego's Virtual Meeting on ZOOM ID: 988 0098 5413

More info:

Action Agenda:
1) Activist San Diego holds its annual membership meeting for ELECTION of new Board of Directors. Meet and choose the leadership of out 21 year old social justice, Activist organization as we educate and mobilize the progressive community before, during and after Nov. 3rd. Hear the candidates Q&A. Become a member for just $24 NOW to Vote!

Call for Password 619-871-9354 to enter or watch on Facebook LIVE.

2) ASD ACTION on NATIONAL & LOCAL ELECTIONS: ASD members and the community will be working on "getting out the vote" in this most critical elections. Presenters with many options to get involved (non-partisan participation) and reaching out to youth, communities of color and low propensity voters in Arizona and Southern California, especially San Diego. A rich discussion about how this election may end up with no clear winner for US president leading to electoral pandemonium.
3) ASD will be calling for a broad coalition to mobilize the day after the election (win or loose) to protect the vote and deliver powerful testimony to the public and the media -- do not screw with our last democratic rights. Join us to get involved!