Rally to demand jobs and justice, End to ICE Raids

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11/05/2010 - 5:00pm
11/05/2010 - 7:00pm

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, Colectivo Zapatista and AF3IRM are calling for an end to the ICE Raids and deportations of our undocumented brothers and sisters. Students for Justice in Palestine, KmB ProPeople Youth and SD Food Not Bombs have also endorsed this action. We invite you and yourorganizations to also endorse this rally for justice.

We understand the current capitalist crisis to be at the root of this attack against undocumented workers. Therefore, we demand that the federal government stop using it's agents to terrorize our communities.

We understand that millions of people are unemployed and are angry about their current situation. Therefore the government attempts to redirect that anger towards the most marginalized sectors of our community, the undocumented.

We understand that the real problem is not the super-exploited sector of the working class, but the ruling class billionaires that continue to reap super-profits from the wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

It is for all of the above reasons that we demand an end to the terror caused by ICE agents who divide families and raid their homes with no consideration for the lives of working people and students.

We also demand money for jobs, education and health care not war occupation and banks.

Join us on November 5 at 5pm at the community park on Fairmont Ave. located in the most diverse multi-national community in San Diego. Thousands of immigrants live and work in this community and we invite all to come and support.

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