Latté Mi Corazón Press Conference Followed by Closing Reception:

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11/12/2010 - 5:00pm
11/12/2010 - 10:00pm
Latte Mi Corazon

City of San Diego Demands Closing of Neighborhood Coffee Shop After 7 Years of Operation.
“After 7 years of operating our family business, this is the first time the City of San Diego decides to raise a flag. We have paid for our business permits each year and are completely shocked that the city is doing this to us now,” stated Jerry Guzman-Vergara, co-owner of Latté Mi Corazón.

Latté Mi Corazón is an icon in the Historic Barrio District (Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Grant Hill, Memorial, & Stockton). It is the only family owned coffee shop in the community that supports local grass roots groups/organizations and provides a comfortable place for students and community members to gather and organize. “In the current state of the economy, we are deeply saddened that the city would request that we close our family business. We are also very disappointed and shocked that it took The City of San Diego over 7 years to come to a conclusion that our business is not in compliance with local zoning guidelines. We feel that the City has let us down,” said Ricardo Medina, co-owner of Latté Mi Corazón. For more Info, contact Jerry Guzman-Vergara.