Call for Nominations for the Activist San Diego Board of Directors

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11/07/2010 - 3:25pm

Call for Nominations for the Activist San Diego Board of Directors

Board of Directors election will be held Monday, December 20, 2010 at 7PM at Joyce Beers on Vermont St 1.5 blocks n of Univ. Ave

The Nominating Committee of Activist San Diego invites its members to make nominations to stand for election to the ASD Board of Directors. The vote will take place on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 7PM at ASD’s general meeting at the Joyce Beers Community Center, San Diego, CA, 92105. Six new ASD Board members will be elected by secret ballot.

ASD Members in good standing are those who have participated in our activities and have donated the equivalent of $2 or more a month for at least the proceeding 3 months.

Nominations must be submitted in writing or by email ( no later than midnight November 14, 2010

What is expected of ASD Board members?

* Board members shall work to ensure that the mission of Activist San Diego is followed and implemented and endeavor to bring resources, talent and knowledge to the organization that will advance its goals.

* Board members are to be ASD member in good standing. All Directors are expected to make a meaningful contribution to Activist San Diego, to make a minimum financial contribution to the organization in an amount of at least $24 per year preceding the date of election.

* Board members shall serve a three (3) year term, except in the case of resignation or removal from the Board as stated in the bylaws.

* Board members must abide by the bylaws and approved amendments to them.

* Each Board member must attend at least 70% of the Board meetings and 50% of General meetings.

* Board members are to be available for committee work as agreed to by the Board and should actively promote the organization to the public.
* Board members are to remain actively informed about Activist San Diego initiatives; coalition work, financial affairs, grant requests, staffing issues, and contracts.

* Board members are expected to fully participate in fund raising activities.


Nominees should provide the following information to help members in voting decisions:

* Name
* Age (optional)
* Past/present activist involvement
* Passions/life goals
* Job or vocation or qualifications

Also please provide one or two sentences on the following:

* My involvement in ASD (if any) past and present has been …
* I am interested in serving on the Board of Activist San Diego Board because...
* My vision is to see ASD become...