'each one, teach one; pass the microphone; and one person, one vote'.....

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Do you know that Activist San Diego holds a brand-new FCC FM radio license? We are in the process of creating the social, governance, technical structure of this progressive radio station 'networking for social justice' across San Diego County, and we need your ideas.

Do a little bit of homework before the general meeting of Feb 17th, for the cause, then come and pitch programming you'd like to eventually hear. This is more than just a vote, this is true ownership of community radio.

We are asking for you to look for national and international programming, as well as local and regional programming, that already exists in any audio form. We also want to hear your ideas about programming you would like to develop at the local level, or programming you would like to see developed for the community of the County of San Diego.

What is interesting, and progressive and along the lines of helping to network for social justice as you imagine it? Nothing is set in stone, and in addition to the programming ideas, we are looking to develop the decision-making processes for this precious commons.

Suggestions for preparing for the meeting Feb 17th:

1) Browse the web and ask your friends and colleagues about progressive radio.

2) Find programming that may be suitable for a county-wide network for social justice.

3) Be prepared to 'pitch' some ideas for group follow-up.

4) Dream a little, think outside the box, nothing in radio is carved in stone, we expect to begin with a mix of national and internationally-produced programming, alongside programming at the local and regional level, and we plan to develop (in a big way) the capacity for radio storytelling by all members of the local community. (There can be grant support for this! Ask us how!)

If you would like something to start with, a 'cheat sheet', email Kelly, (Kelly.ASD.Radio@gmail.com) and she will send you a list of 'issue areas' developed earlier in the radio project, where you might start to find radio programming. Systematic outreach is critical for this early stage of the radio project. All corners of the county need to be conversed with by folks who share a passion for networking for social justice

Hopefully, folks are looking at their circle of friends and colleagues, and also, beyond their own contacts lists.

After (or concurrently as) the group decides to move a program into active consideration, next steps involve getting permission to rebroadcast the work, best case, at no cost to the radio project. (i.e. negotiate with the producer(s) the terms).

If there is a cost involved, that expenditure would need to come before the group for a decision on whether and/or how much, with an eye towards the current budget.

Ah, the budget. There are some funds available for the radio project, and fundraising is an ongoing activity. No one but you is an 'expert' in fundraising from listeners in the local community!

See you there!

Coming soon: producing radio for the community with an audio community calendar (weekly? daily? R U ^ 4 it??)