Stop the Ban on Medical Cannabis

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03/21/2011 - 7:00pm
03/21/2011 - 9:00pm

On March 28th, the San Diego city council will be voting on an ordinance that, if passed as written, will close down every medical cannabis facility in the city and would make it virtually impossible for them to reopen. Patients suffering with AIDS, Cancer, MS, Cerebal Palsy, PTSD, and other ailments will be left without safe access to the medicine their doctor recommends. In response, the San Diego chapter of Americans for Safe Access partnered with Canvass for a Cause to launch the “Stop the Ban” campaign in order to educate the public about the ordinance and to mobilize grassroots opposition.

This event will feature speakers from San Diego Americans for Safe Access, members of the Medical Marijuana Task Force, and organizers from the Stop the Ban campaign. Discussion will involve the history of medical cannabis politics in San Diego, why it’s vital to preserve safe access to medical cannabis in San Diego, and information on the campaign currently underway to influence the city council on this issue.

Panel discussion:
Eugene Davidovich, A.S.A.
Stephen Whitburn, Medical Marijuana Task Force
Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson, St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Ben Cisneros, ASD Board and Stop the Ban Campaign
Rachel Scoma, ASD Board and Stop the Ban Campaign