Stop Government Shutdown and/or federal budget cuts to the elderly, poor, disabled, etc.

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03/31/2011 - 8:59am
04/08/2011 - 11:59pm
Call your congress people/Republican Party Headquarters locally & nationally---from your home or anywhere else!
Event Summary : 
There has been serious talk about a possible federal government shutdown that is being pushed by the Republicans in case no decision can be reached about our federal budget. Also, vital programs such as Medicare, Social Security benefits will be cut badly and other things, too unless we all participate and tell our congress people, esp. Republicans not to cut social programs and not to shut down our government on April 8. Cut wars not human needs. Tax the rich their fair share!

Especially if you live in a Republican district, call or email your "Representative".

These are the ones who are pushing this "government shutdown", which may affect our benefits of Medicare/Social Security, etc. as well as cuts on these. Not to mention also attacking unions!

Republican National Committee: 1-202-863-8500. tell them what you think of this.