On May 1st, 2012 every continent, every country, every state, & 125 US cities will stand up!

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05/01/2012 - 1:00am
05/01/2012 - 1:59am
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SAVE THE DATE: On May 1st, 2012 every continent, every country, every state, every city will stand up!

12pm Rally at Civic Center Plaza (speakers: janitor, teacher, student, taxi driver, Occupy Labor Solidarity). March to Wal-Mart site in Sherman Heights by 2pm

2-4pm Occupy San Diego events at Civic Center

3:30 SDEA Rally at Roosevelt Middle and march to Board Meeting

4-6pm OSD Labor Solidarity Rally at Civic Center and march

5:30pm Chicano Park Celebration

MAY DAY 2012: A day without the 99%.

May day is about the debt imposed on you for daring to dream about a college education.

It’s about the healthcare you can’t afford, the family member with a disease which goes untreated because they lack insurance.

It’s about your car that got repo-ed after you lost your job.

It’s about your home that got foreclosed on by the bank.

It’s about your family, who came here for a better future, and got lost in the broken immigration system, and found that they’re denied access to legal work, education and security because they’re undocumented.

It’s about you, the gay kid who gets bullied at school, and will grow up in a country which denies you equality and humanity, simply because you love someone of the same gender.

It’s about the fact there’s no jobs, even if you got that college education and those grades.

It’s about the single mother who struggles to support her kids on minimum wage - which is not a living wage.

It’s about the woman who makes it through Harvard, works her butt off in one of the best law firms in the country, and constantly loses out on that promotion because she’s not a man.

It’s about the homeless African-American man who lives on the street and gets thrown in jail for peeing in a park, because there are no toilet facilities on the street for those like him.

It’s about the protester who gets beaten and thrown in jail for holding a sign in a public space which says he want equality.

It’s about the farmer who’s had to leave his home and work, because the state raised his land tax.

It’s about the father who loses a son to a pointless war over oil in a foreign land.

It’s about the fact this is not the America we were brought up to believe in.


This event has been organized by workers, union and non union to tell the 1% NO MORE! We will be marching from Civic Center to demonstrate in front of the banks that have taken our homes, the state building for taking our medical care, the ICE building that has deported and destroyed families and all other places that have waged a war on working people!!

SAVE THE DATE and Stay tuned for more event updates!

More info visit: www.occupylaborsolidarity.org or http://www.occupymay1st.org/


For the first time, workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed from over 115 U.S. cities will stand together for economic justice.

See below for what we believe to be the most comprehensive list yet compiled of cities where Occupy May Day events are being planned, as well as other resources. Note: This is a living document. Check back for updates! If you have any additional events, please let us know in the comment section of this article. You are encouraged to share this page in as many ways as possible!
General Resources

* 6 Ways to Get Ready for the May 1st GENERAL STRIKE
* Why And How To Strike On May Day
* Global Facebook Event
* Follow on Twitter: @OWSMayDay | @OccupyGenStrk | @StrikeEverywher | @OccupyGenStrike | #M1GS | #GeneralStrike | #MayDay
* MayDaySolidarity2012
* StrikeEverywhere.net
* May Day Legal Fund
* May Day Fund NYC
* WhyIStrike.tumblr.com
* HowIStrike.tumblr.com
* MayDayGallery.tumblr.com

Key City-wide May Day Sites

* New York City - MayDayNYC.org
* Bay Area, California - StrikeMay1st.com
* Chicago - ChicagoSpring.org/May1
* Southern California - OccupyMay1st.org
* Seattle - May1stSeattle.org

Find a nearby city with planned actions:
A - B

* Atlanta, Georgia
* Albany, New York
* Amherst, Massachusetts
* Anchorage, Alaska
* Asheville, North Carolina
* Austin, Texas
* Baltimore, Maryland
* Bellingham, Washington
* Binghamton, New York
* Birmingham, Alabama
* Bloomington, Indiana
* Boise, Idaho
* Boston, Massachusetts
* Boulder, Colorado
* Bozeman, Montana
* Brooklyn, New York
* Buffalo, New York
* Burlington, Vermont

C - D

* Campbell County, Kentucky (joining Occupy Cincinnati)
* Charleston, South Carolina
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* Chattanooga, Tennessee
* Cheyenne, Wyoming
* Chicago, Illinois
* Cincinnati, Ohio
* Cleveland, Ohio
* Colorado Springs, Colorado (GA endorsed)
* Columbia, Missouri
* Dallas, Texas
* Dayton, Ohio
* Daytona Beach, Florida
* Denver, Colorado
* Des Moines, Iowa
* Detroit, Michigan
* Dover, Delaware
* Durango, Colorado

E - L

* El Paso, Texas
* Fargo, North Dakota
* Fort Lauderdale, Florida
* Fort Wayne, Indiana
* Frederick, Maryland (will be joining Occupy Baltimore)
* Fullerton, California
* Gainesville, Florida
* Greensboro, North Carolina
* Honolulu, Hawaii
* Houston, Texas
* Huntington, West Virginia (GA endorsed)
* Indianapolis, Indiana (GA endorsed)
* Irvine, California (GA endorsed)
* Kalamazoo, Michigan
* Kennewick, Washington
* Lansing, Michigan
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Lincoln, Nebraska
* Long Beach, California
* Los Angeles, California
* Louisville, Kentucky

M - N

* Madison, Wisconsin (will be joining Milwaukee)
* Memphis, Tennessee
* Miami, Florida
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Mira Monte, California (GA endorsed)
* Montgomery County, Maryland
* Naples, Florida (GA endorsed)
* Nashville, Tennessee
* New Brunswick, New Jersey
* New Haven, Connecticut (going to NYC)
* New Orleans, Louisiana
* New York City, New York
* Norfolk, Virginia

O - R

* Oakland, California
* Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
* Olympia, Washington
* Omaha, Nebraska
* Orange County, California
* Orlando, Florida
* Oxnard, California
* Pasadena, California
* Pasco, Washington
* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* Phoenix, Arizona
* Portland, Maine
* Portland, Oregon
* Providence, Rhode Island
* Raleigh, North Carolina
* Reno, Nevada
* Richland, Washington
* Richmond, Virginia
* Riverside, California
* Roanoke, Virginia

S - W

* Sacramento, California
* Salem, Oregon
* Salt Lake City, Utah
* San Antonio, Texas
* San Francisco, California
* San Fernando Valley, California
* San Jose, California (GA endorsed)
* Santa Cruz, California
* Santa Fe, New Mexico
* Santa Rosa, California
* Schenectady, New York (GA endorsed)
* Seattle, Washington
* Scottsdale, Arizona
* Shoreline, Connecticut
* Somerville, Massachusetts
* St. Louis, Missouri (GA endorsed)
* St. Paul, Minnesota
* Syracuse, New York
* Tacoma, Washington
* Tampa, Florida
* Toledo, Ohio
* Tucson, Arizona
* Tulsa, Oklahoma
* Venice, California
* Ventura, California
* Washington, District of Columbia (GA endorsed - info coming soon!)
* Wilmington, Delaware (trip to NYC)
* Wilmington, North Carolina
* Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Note: May 1st is a nationally-recognized holiday (International Workers´ Day or May Day) in over 80 countries. It would be impossible to list every demonstration worldwide. The following list only reflects May Day events organized by Occupy-related groups in direct solidarity with #OWS.

* Amsterdam, The Netherlands
* Brussels, Belgium
* Barcelona, Spain
* Den Haag, The Netherlands
* Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
* London, England
* Melbourne, Australia
* Montreal, Quebec
* Ottawa, Ontario
* Seoul, South Korea
* St. Johns, Newfoundland
* Sydney, Australia
* Toronto, Ontario

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