Eric Garner -- Emergency "We Can't Breath" Mobilization and Die-in

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12/05/2014 - 6:00pm
12/05/2014 - 8:40pm
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Activist San Diego and United Against Police Terror call for citizen participation in this Emergency Mobilization and is forming a new on-going organization to deal with racial and systemic injustice - Meeting for the first time on Dec. 9th at the Activist Center, 4246 Wightman SD 92105 619-871-9354

SPREAD THE WORD, see you there!

FRIDAY 6;00PM Rally/March/Die In, for Eric Garner at City Heights Performance Annex,
3791 Fairmount Avenue (one block south of University)

NOTE: There will be a Toy Drive and Movie hosted by SDPD at the same time and location, In respect of the youth, We will meetup to the side of the park, next the the swimming pool. We also ask that when at the park we be fairly quiet and courteous to the other event, we will most likely cross the street before beginning our event. Also if you want to bring a unwrapped toy to donate to the Toy Drive it would show the youth and the police that we care about our community.

For folks looking to film and know your rights, please see Cathy before the rally


United Against Police Terror - San Diego is organizing an Emergency call of Action in San Diego, The Ferguson Grand Jury did not Indict Darren Wilson. In Solidarity with Ferguson and all cities joining in on these Emergency Call of Action.

This moment is a historic one — Ferguson is everywhere– and we are building a movement for justice for Mike Brown and an end to police violence nationwide. Just like people have done throughout American history, we are making our voices heard, taking to the streets and using our first amendment rights to engage in strong actions of civil disobedience.

The people of Ferguson have boldly faced tanks, tear gas and militarized police forces in their quest for justice. We call on you to stand with us and envision a future where the promises guaranteed under our Constitution are guaranteed to all, without exception.

Successful San Diego Actions*
11/25 - Rally City Heights, Shutdown I15 Freeway, Marched 6hrs. from City Heights to Downtown.

11/26 - Rally City Heights, Marched 5hrs. through City Heights, North Park, Normal Heights.

11/27 - Candlelight Vigil in "Mike Brown Memorial Park", Feed the People Outreach

11/28 - Blackout Black Friday March from Convention Center through Downtown Gaslamp District to Horton Plaza Shopping Mall, Stores shutdown early due to protests

11/29 - Community Outreach in City Heights Buy Local, Small Business Saturday

12/01 - Ferguson in solidarity with ACCION GLOBAL POR AYOTZINAPA!! Civic Center to Federal bldg

12/2 - Handup Walkout in solidarity with nationwide walkout with ferguson

*12/3 - New York Grand Jury reached their decision to NOT indict Daniel Pantaleo for the murder of Eric Garner by illegal choke hold.

*11/24 - Ferguson Grand Jury reached their decision to NOT indict Darren Wilson for the murder of unarmed Michael Brown.