Sorry SOLD OUT of the FREE Tickets for SD Rep's 'Steal Heaven' about Activist Abbie Hoffman - for supporters of ASD-KNSJ

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01/02/2015 - 8:00pm
01/02/2015 - 10:59pm
An Activist Play for Activist Participants.

NOTE: Sorry SOLD OUT of the
AFTER you read this -- GET MORE info: call Marie at 619-283-1100 or Martin at 619-871-9354 TO LEARN HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER AND GET FREE TICKETS of go to or and click "Donate" DO IT TODAY! Sorry SOLD OUT of the

We have a special treat for you activists!

Dear soon-to-be member of Activist San Diego and KNSJ 89.1 FM,

The SD-Rep theater's play, Steal Heaven, is about social activism -- so it is the perfect holiday gift for our members and sustainers.

You are valued!... Steal Heaven tickets (after this Jan 2nd invitation) will be $31 to $75.

When YOU pledge to give a monthly contribution you deserve an activist reward...
If you are making a 1st time donation or renewing or upgrading your pledge go to or and click "Donate" for the reoccurring PayPal link.

What's so Special?... you and your guest will be part of the 1st public viewing of this world premier of "Steal Heaven".

You are also special because you are helping us close the current $1000-a-month deficit we currently have incurred running your brilliantly-progressive community radio station AND the racial justice organizing ASD is helping lead in SD.

NOTE: Only sign up for these 2 FREE tickets* if you are 99% sure that you will attend on Friday night, Jan. 2nd at 8pm, the day after New Year’s, at the San Diego Rep We want to ensure every member/sustainer who wants to come is able to get a ticket!

*To get more than 2 tickets or for more information call Marie at 619-283-1100 or Martin at 619-871-9354
Please let us know if you have accepted our invitation by also sending an email to ASD/KNSJ

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Play & Announcement info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Activist San Diego and KNSJ 89.1 members are Invited

only on FRI. JAN. 2 @ 8 PM

San Diego REPertory Theatre’s

dress rehearsal performance of


Herbert Siguenza as Abbie Hoffman

THE preview of the world premiere production by Herbert Siguenza and directed by Todd Salovey and Siguenza. Jan. 2, 2015. (Opening night is Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 and runs through Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015 in the Lyceum Space)

As you strive for the sustenance of activism in San Diego you reflect on the heady days of the 60s you think...

Maybe it’s time to get a little crazy! This is where bad-boy Abbie Hoffman (played by Herbert Siguenza) comes in. You know about Abbie, right? He was the political and social activist who co-founded the Youth International Party (“Yippies”) on New Year’s eve of 1968. But did you know that this icon of youthful rebellion now serves as the patron saint of radicals? In his little corner of heaven, Abbie conducts a boot camp for activists who have the chutzpah required to go back to Earth to become new agents of change. (Because Lord knows, America always needs a big helping of change!) But where are the edgy activists of today?

Enter Trish, a young veteran-turned-activist, who finds herself at the pearly gates. Bingo. Abbie senses he may have finally found the right combination of anger, courage, and cunning wit. So he calls in his comrades John Lennon and Albert Einstein, locks the gate and says “Let the training begin!”

Abbie is thrilled when Trish brings her A-Game to the table to take on the challenges of the 21st century. Yippie!

To reserve your (limit 2) complimentary seats Jan. 2nd donate or pledge an automatic monthly amount... and if want more tickets call Marie or Martin

Tickets are non-transferrable, limited, and are filled in the order they are received.

You will have to fill out the web form to make reservations for Jan. 2nd ONLY. Donate TODAY and get this holiday gift.