Justice For Victor Ortega -- Jan. 12th at 6pm at the City Heights Performance Annex Fairmont @ Wightman

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01/12/2015 - 7:00pm
01/12/2015 - 8:30pm
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JANUARY 12, 2015
United Against Police Terror - San Diego will be organizing #SDSTOLENLIVES demonstrations to support local victims and their families

OUR FIRST MOBILIZATION IS Justice For Victor Ortega, January 12th, at 6pm at the City Heights/Weingart Library and Performance Annex

fb event Justice for Victor Ortega & All Stolen Lives Rally/March

On June 4, 2012, 31 year old, Victor Ortega was executed by San Diego Police Officer Jonathan McCarthy. According to witnesses Victor was lying on the ground and in compliance with the officers’ demands. Initially, McCarthy claimed he shot Victor because his back-up gun fell from its holster and Victor reached for it. He later claimed he shot Victor because he was “too tired to continue with the arrest”. A witness heard the officer shouting “Get on the ground!” at Victor and Victor responding, “Are you kidding me?” right before he was shot. Victor was already on the ground face down with both arms cuffed before he was shot, a police lieutenant later admitted.

The Ortega family filed a federal lawsuit claiming Ortega’s civil rights were violated, and that the officer had no reason to pull the trigger. U.S. District Judge has recently noted inconsistencies in some of the statements made by McCarthy, who claimed Victor tried to take away his service weapon. There is a further inconsistency around Officer McCarthy’s use of a non-lethal taser and the facts leading up to the struggle between McCarthy and Ortega.Victor Ortega was a loving father, husband, son, grandson,brother, nephew, cousin, and friend to many people.
Judge notes ‘inconsistencies’ in SDPD officer’s fatal shooting of Victor Ortega

Help raise funds for the Justice For Victor Ortega Campaign

All funds will be sent directly to the Ortega family for help with legal fees, and support for Victor's two children, who will never see their loving father again.

These #SDSTOLENLIVES demonstrations will be planned once per month

The mission of UAPTSD's mobilizations is to keep alive the county list of recorded people killed by law enforcement agents from 1980 to the present. Through grassroots efforts, over 200 local cases were documented via UAPTSD's Victims Murdered by San Diego Law Enforcement

Although just the tip of the iceberg, these 200+ LOCAL cases are evidence of a horrifying national epidemic of police terror. The victims of police violence were part of our society, but rarely are their lives or names publicized, or the real circumstances surrounding their deaths investigated and made known. The Stolen Lives Project aims to restore some dignity to the lives lost. Though their lives have been stolen from us, we will not allow them to be forgotten.

Remember to connect what's happening at a national level is also happening in San Diego, The same issues that were exposed in Ferguson are in San Diego. The system of power, White Supremacy, is well and alive in San Diego, hurting marginalized communities. Let's make sure we seek justice for them. Let's end the occupation of our communities by Police.

Please contact UAPTSD.org with any questions.