Join us! Racial Justice/Police Abuse Organizing Meeting : Justice for Mike Brown Black & Brown Lives Matter Tues Feb 24 @ 7 pm

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02/24/2015 - 7:00pm
02/24/2015 - 9:00pm
Michael Brown I AM A MAN poster.jpg

Join us! Racial Justice/Police Abuse Organizing Meeting post Mike Brown - Tues @ 7 pm

Racial & Social Justice Organizing meeting Feb. 24, 2015 and March 10th
4246 Wightman, SD 92105 ~ Tuesday 7-9pm

Draft Objectives:
1. Form a permanent and ongoing racial and social justice organizing committee
2. Present a meeting culture that is productive, safe and inviting so that people come again
3. Through presentation & discussion envision about what this group,/coalition/org will become
4. Outline of a plan for the next street action(s), educationals, trainings or... ?
5. Have participants get to know each other and begin to bond with others
6. Establish an environment that encourages the participation/leadership of youth, women new activists and people of color
7. Agree on next steps organizationally on regular meeting days for this group

Draft Agenda:
Introduction to the meeting:
A quick welcome to Activist Center>> Martin... 2 min.
A quick welcome to meeting: who what we are & why we're here: Cat & Magik > 5 min.
A quick self introduction, "why I came tonight " each > 30 sec.
Pass around a sign-up sheet, indicate focus of your interest
Meeting Logistics: Choose a chairperson, note-taker, stacker, timer (perhaps a vibes watcher).


Preparation for next march, event or rally:

For the next action we need people who will take responsibility for: printed flyer, social media, press release, make new reminder calls and/or emails or text, sound system, chants, security, speakers list with timer and MC.

Create an interim steering committee that can meet by phone conference in the event of a needed emergency action, and to plan and coordinate activities between meetings. A permanent steering committee to be elected in January? > 10 min
Next meeting: Tues. March 10th @ 7pm
Wrap-up: What I will do between now and the next meeting each > 30 sec.

1. Disagree with ideas; No personal attacks, Strive to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner
2. If I disagree, I will do so respectfully, and seek consensus on all issues.
3. "Unite, don't split", "Step forward, step back", respect the chairperson