Vietnam War & 50 Years of Peace Activism: Venerate & Celebrate the Peace Movement! It's time share lessons, Tell our stories!

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05/19/2015 - 7:00pm
05/19/2015 - 9:00pm
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Vietnam War & 50 Years of Peace Activism:
Venerate & Celebrate the Peace Movement

Tell the Stories, Share lessons!

Mon. May 19 at 7 pm Joyce Beers Community Center (1.5 Blocks N. of Univer. Ave on Vermont St, UPTOWN SHOPPING CENTER, Activist San Diego General Meeting Bring Posters, Signs, & Songs

Join an inter-generational dialogue with Activist San Diego, vets, peace coalitions, & peace activists.

As the media and society reflects on 50 years since the start of the Vietnam War and its disastrous effects on the US, its veterans and our political system, it is time to tell our truth:. PEACE IS PRICELESS, WARS ARE ATROCIOUS. It is time to both commemorate and celebrate the transformative role of Vietnam war resisters and peace activists; it is time to strengthen our movement.

Join an inter-generational dialogue: ASD, SDCPJ, VfP, peace coalitions, peace activists & you.

COME SHARE YOUR STORIES ~ Organizing for Peace and Justice
For information. or want to join the panel, speaking from the floor or know someone who should be invited, please call 619-871-9354

Jim Moreno - Vietnam Veterans Against the War Coordinator, Vietnam Vet, Poet, Activist
Bruce Boulder - Vietnam Vet, Poet, Activist
Jim Brown - Vietnam Vet, Peace Activist - past President San Diego Veterans for Peace
Ana Ruiz - Navy Vet during the Iraq & Afgan wars; Occupy SD, social justice activist.
Kyle Van Slyke - Just retired from US Marines. Now a Peace Activist
Larry Christian - 40 year of Anti-war organizing, SDCPJ and Middle East solidarity
Martin Eder - Activist San Diego, 40 year of Anti-war organizing

"Organizing against the Vietnam War was a critical turning point in my life as it was for hundreds of thousands even millions who got involved. I resisted the draft, organized on campus, then quit college "until the war is over". I became a teacher and media specialist as an act of resistance to injustice. This led me to founding Activist San Diego and KNSJ, as I continue to resist the militarism and corporate control of society. I would like to head up a panel to speak about the lessons of the antiwar movement as well as bring forward the many local heroes who have dedicated their lives to promoting peace and ending the wars of empire from Korea, Vietnam and Latin America to Iraq & Afghanistan." Martin Eder: