War Tax Redirection 101: Redirect Your War Taxes to Peace

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02/12/2017 - 6:30pm
War Tax Workshop.jpg

War tax resistance is immediate and direct action against endless war. Popularized by Thoreau 200 years ago, 1000s now refuse to pay for war. US war machine takes ~50% of your taxes to militarize the world. Learn how to redirect your taxes. Invest in People; Divest From War. 99 tactics to Defund War!

There is no social justice without reparations. Learn how you can divert your war taxes to reparations to Black Star Industries, the foundation for a liberated African economy and marketplace! Return the stolen resources back to African people for self-determination!

Register at: www.resistwar.eventbrite.com

Sponsored by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the National War Tax resistance Coordinating Committee and San Diego Truth 9/11.