Activist Forum: White Supremacy? Movement Building to Stop Police Brutality & For a Racial Justice Agenda; Mon. Aug. 21 7 pm

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08/21/2017 - 1:31am
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Activist forum:

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, VA how to we take on White Supremacy in San Diego? How to we identify the icons of Western Slave holders and examine what happened to the native Kumeyaay in San Diego -- and develop actions to correct history as it has been told?

Why has San Diego been plagued, for decades by incidents of police brutality? What must we do to build and sustain racial justice organizing against police abuse, police shootings, mass incarceration, disproportionate/racialized sentencing, marginalization of communities of color and institutionalized discrimination?

Shortly SD will have a new District Attorney and a new SDPD chief, but nothing will change unless we mobilize for systemic restructuring all of  law enforcement and Police training... training that allows officers to shoot first and ask questions later, shoot those suffering mental issues, shoot those who are non-compliant, and disproportionately shoot youth of color.
Join us & participate to hear some of San Diego's best organizers, leading organizations and help us plan our response!

Speakers include: Dr. Darwin Fishman, Rev. Bouser, Indivisible Hillcrest, SURJ, Mohamed Abdallah, Buki Domingos, Rev. Shane Harris

 Activist San Diego membership meeting, Joyce Beers Community Center: Mon. Aug. 20th 7-9 p.m.
Open to all social justice activists!
Martin Eder 619-871-9354