A New Progressive Vision for a Troubled Planet; Author Bruce McGraw Speaks with Q&A - FREE! Oct 25 @ 6:30

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10/25/2017 - 6:30pm
10/25/2017 - 8:30pm
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The New Mythology: A New Vision for a Troubled Planet
Presented by: Bruce C. McGraw, author of the forthcoming book by the same name and a Professor of Philosophy, Mythology & Religious Studies

Wednesday, October 25
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
The Unity Center
8999 Activity Road San Diego, Ca 92126

The Universe is giving us a MAYDAY CALL for us to discover a deeper wisdom and our own calling in this latest crisis, brought on by a worldview that no longer serves us. Using a new scientifically based Universe Creation Story as a basis we answer the most profound questions of human life such as: Who Am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Come and imbibe and luxuriate in this new vision. As Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has come.” Skeptics are welcome and encouraged to come.

Supported by: Activist San Diego