May Day 2018 in SD

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05/01/2018 - 1:00am
05/01/2018 - 1:59am
May Day 2018 shut it down.jpg

To share this campaign in Spanish, go here/Para participar en este campania en espanol, ir a:

We are a coalition of organizations determined to make America work for all of us. The mission of is to advance the fight for a fair and just economy for all working families. is not the project of any particular organization. Our goal is to be a source of information for May Day actions and to help people participate across the country. We are responding to a call for mass marches, shut down actions, and a general strike coming from many local and national community and resistance organizations.

By joining this Thunderclap, you are helping us to spread the word about actions happening in California and around the country. We want as many people out on the street on May 1st International Workers Day, and we need your help to connect the public to an action happening in their community.

“On May 1st, I choose to fight for DREAMers, immigrants, women, workers. #ShutItDownMay1st”