What is going on at the CRB (Community Review Board on Police Practices) ? 8:30AM Wednesday, April 25th Press Conference

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04/25/2018 - 8:30am
04/25/2018 - 11:55am
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WHAT: Come join us for a Press Conference and Public Comment at City Council Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee (PSLN) Community Review Board Presenting- Sharmaine Mosley, Executive Director, CRB and Doug Case, Board Chair, CRB

Community Speaks Out on the SDPD’s Continued Use of the Chokehold – And
What in the world is going on wtih the Community Review Board?

WHEN: 8:30AM Wednesday, April 25th Press Conference
9:00AM Thursday, April 25th PSLN Committee Meeting
Please come stand with Racial Justice Coalition and Demand Justice for victims of the Chokehold

WHERE: City Administration Building, 202 C Street, SD, CA 92101

DETAILS: While many large city law enforcement agencies have banned the use of the Chokehold by their officers, both in trainings and in the field, the San Diego Police Department continues to allow this deadly practice. After hearing testimony by a medical expert, by the SDPD, and hearing public comment at two Community Review Board (CRB) meetings, the CRB’s Policy Committee had voted on 2/27 to advise the CRB to vote on 3/27 to support use of the chokehold in only rare instances, but even this vote was delayed until the May 22nd public meeting of the CRB. Come speak out during public comment and help the CRB see that the SDPD must stop the use of the deadly chokehold protocol. Please join us – your input is important. See back of flier for talking points/thought starters for your public comment focus. Spread the word – we need as many to come out and show their support for the right side of this issue.