Green New Deal -5/20/19 Building a Campaign to transform the US Economy @ the Activist San Diego Community Membership meeting

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05/20/2019 - 7:00pm
05/20/2019 - 9:00pm
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A short movie then a open discussion about this bold proposal. We will strategize and connect ASD's work in GGJ (Grassroots Global Justice) to the "Just Transition" to a Green New Deal Info at 619-871-9354

Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest, 1.5 Blocks N. of Univ. Ave. on Vermont St.


7 PM. Potluck dinner available
Cultural presentation

7:15 Introduction to ASD by Buki & Setche (She/Her)
ASD Reports 3 Min. Each. Racial Justice coalition, KNSJ radio, Mexican Solidarity Coalition, Activist Coop have new members
Announcements; : NFCB Conference June with Fundraiser at WBC: Float in the pride parade In July
How to become a member and a donor.

Tonight's focus, Building a campaign around the GREEN NEW DEAL!

Objective: Informational introduction to the topic of the GND, its prospects for organizing and initial steps to take.

Introduction by Jay Jayakumar Former ASD Pres & organizer (30 min.)

Group Activity: Q: What are the local effects of climate disruption?
12 min Video: Van Jones at Bioneers

Main Presentation: GREEN NEW DEAL! What is it? How do we evaluate it, who is supporting and who is opposing? What is this proposal? Where are we now in the process?

The Sunrise Movement: presentation by Karl Aldinger of Sunrise

ASD's Affiliation with Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) and their campaign for a "Just Transition" to serve the people and the planet. Dr. Darwin Fishman

Open discussion and Q and A

Action proposal: Develop a larger coalition for account Hall meeting and San Diego campaign to support the GREEN NEW DEAL! Ask for support from the city council and pressure and local Congress people to support.

Summation and announcements.

JOYCE BEERS COMMUNITY CENTER. 1.5 Blocks N. of University Ave on Vermont St, (Near Trader Joe's)

Recognizing that that the UN Panel on Climate Change has warned that we have only 11
more years to stop the use of fossil fuels for a net-zero Greenhouse Gas emissions and
avoid climate catastrophe, and recognizing that the American Society has unprecedented
levels of economic and social inequality and threats to food, water and air safety are at their
highest levels, there is a new Congressional policy initiative titled Green New Deal. The policy
aims to-
- Decarbonize the economy 100% by 2035, by switching to solar, wind and other renewable
- Transitioning to decarbonized, sustainable agriculture, transportation and manufacturing.
- Guaranteeing jobs in the new Green Economy with livable wage.
- Ensuring a fair and just transition so that the major benefits to go to low income and
marginalized communities.
- A transition in which indigenous rights will be recognized and honored.
- Guaranteeing clean water, and air, adequate food and health care for all the people in US.
- Ensuring that the transition is led not by corporate powers or my market forces, but by the
low-income, marginalized and indigenous communities.
The Green New Deal has 80% support from the people. We need to force our elected
representatives to unequivocally support and implement the Green New Deal and not
succumb to fossil fuel industry’s shenanigans and right-wing propaganda.
Please come and listen to a forceful presentation on the Green New Deal by Dr. Raghavan
(Jay) Jayakumar, a retired physicist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on….