Help advocate for endangered animals, and the food that they need to survive!

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06/21/2019 - 8:00am
06/21/2019 - 12:00pm

As our oceans are changing and becoming warmer, animals such as the endangered CA Least Tern are struggling with a lack of food. Warmer waters support fewer fish such as anchovy, the primary food of many marine mammals, seabirds, and commercial fish. Current federal management has done little to keep up with our changing ocean conditions, and have not taken the steps necessary to ensure that enough anchovy is being left in the ocean to support Least Terns and other marine predators.

Join San Diego Audubon staff and volunteers, and members of Oceana and Audubon CA, as we request that the Council reevaluates anchovy management so that Least Terns and other marine wildlife can survive and thrive.

We will have the opportunity to provide public comments at the meeting, and we would love to have you show up for Least Terns and their tiny chicks. We will provide talking points, and we appreciate your presence even if you don't choose to speak.

Find out how to get involved by contacting our Restoration Program Manager, Megan Flaherty, at