San Diego Peace Week Sept 14-21

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09/14/2019 - 7:00pm

Climate Walkout Partners Meeting
August 21,, 2019, Zoom Meeting
One Pager
Partner Sign-up Form
Sponsorship page
Partner Toolkit

Present: Anne, Bernadette, Gary, Warsan, Jeanette


Flyers are available (Let me know if you want hard copies. We’ll get them printed and set up a delivery.)
Posters--available soon (although small posters which are the same as the flyer are available)

Update on August 21 youth action at Scott Peters’ office
Here is a link to photos

Schools Update
Meetings with SDUSD board member, SDEA, and superintendent (scheduled)
Anyone have anything to report on school contacts
Faith based schools (st. james academy in la jolla will do an event in the school)
Fr. Emmet has sent out a toolkit to all religious schools in diocese
Anne Barron has connections to faith community which will send to Jeanette
Other updates on schools

GND (Anne Barron --NAACP not favoring the current GND --provisions for equity lacking)
Official partners update

Sample email to use to send out to your members

Social media resources you can use