Homeless voices: situation of the Unhoused in San Diego, Feb 17 @ 7

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02/17/2020 - 7:00pm
02/17/2020 - 9:00pm
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Homeless voices, situation of the Unhoused in San Diego
Learning from our sisters and brothers living on the streets;

Speakers are;
- Tasha Williamson
- Joaquin Vaszquez
- Veterans for Peace

- East Coast ( ASD Board Member)
- Henri Jourdain (ASD board member)
- Casey Hickenbottom (ASD board member)

Dinner will be provided by the ASD dinner club for a suggested minimum donation of $10.

On January 17th Activist San Diego will open a discussion dedicated to the issue of people who live without a home. For that event, people who are familiar with homelessnes will convene. Among them will attend persons who understand the issue because presently or in the past they have or have had direct experience with being without a home. Others will share the knowledge they have acquired from having spent time learning about it. All people attending will be encouraged to voice their concern, knowledge, and experience on the issue.

What we hope to accomplish by the end of the meeting:
- Having a list of people and name agencies in the city of San Diego whose work focus on the issue of homelessness.
- A commitment by setting a date to meet at least once for the purpose of forming of a committee willing to dedicate time to work on the issue.
- Identify persons among us who will reach to SD City candidates and enquire as to how their platform addresses the issue.
- Use this event as an opportunity to network with other organisations defending the right of people to live in the security of a home.