Nov 2 Zoom plan; Nov. 4 ~ Car CARAVAN Mobilize day after election; be it celebration, rejection or confusion! Don't stay home!

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11/04/2020 - 3:00pm
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To all civic and social-justice organizations;

Activist San Diego invites you to join our Car Caravan led by the new coalition MARCH FOR DEMOCRACY 12:30 Nov. 4th safely. CARAVAN. We are hosting our last Zoom meetings to coordinate our efforts and ensure a huge turnout for “Count Every Vote,” a mass demonstration on the day after the election.

With several battleground states having millions of votes still to tally, President Trump has charged that the continued vote counting is a "FRAUD". "We want all the voting to stop." Trump stated as if to pretend that new votes were being cast. "We will go to the Supreme Court to stop it." he declared on election night. President Trump's premature announcement of victory was characterized on CNN as "false, authoritarian and undemocratic", while for example there are still 1.4 million mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania alone. Poles are closed!” Trump said. He accused Democrats of trying to “steal” the presidential election without giving evidence.

>> ON NOV. 4th at 12:30 drive through the waterfront parking lot at the Embarcadero south of Grape St across from the County Administration Building. Fliers and car signs available and a Zoom link for all the car caravan participants to stay connected. Map of the car route will be provided and a QR Code.
We are ready to rally through our car caravan, and follow up with organizing. The press, the nation, and the world will be watching this most contentious US election ever where the US President has villainized all who question his viewpoint. Our objective is to defend democracy; to make every vote count!

March for Democracy Coalition calls upon organizations to come together and form a united front. Together we will ensure the will of the people is respected and not ignored as we mobilizing our communities. Let's not wait ‘til after a fiasco -- the time to organize is now.

Please contact ASD if your organization can contribute or participate in any way.

We are acting locally as part of a national movement. Read more:
“30 Groups Join ‘Protect the Results’ Coalition To Mobilize Americans If Trump Refuses To Concede.”
The future shape of America and the world is at stake. The election results may lead to confusion, so progressives on the left must come together in unity to shape a message of change and empowerment.

This is not a time to let the traditional politicians work out a deal like the Supreme Court coup d'état that installed George W. Bush. The people must speak and lead to prevent another fraud.

BETWEEN NOW AND THE ELECTION WE MUST 'UNITE THE MANY, TO DEFEAT THE FEW' ~ Our objective is a San Diego for ALL!Write us at info@ActivistSanDiego.
We can hope for the best, but it is best to prepare for the worst.

* The MARCH FOR DEMOCRACY COALITION is made up of Activist San Diego, Gente Unida, North County Equity and Justice Coalition, East County Justice Coalition, San Diego Veterans for Peace, Blind Spot Collective, Guerrero Azteca Peace Project, Unity San Diego, Schools for Chiapas, ReEvolutionary Poets Brigade, Mexican Solidarity Coalition and many others endorsers.jul/27/trump-loses-election-what-happens-possibilities


What we need to do locally, that has begun nationally:
30 Groups Join "Protect the Results" Coalition To Mobilize Americans If Trump Refuses To Concede.
New partners include Community Change Action, CREW, CWA, Demand Justice, Leadership Conference, MoveOn, Public Citizen, and United We Dream.