Stop the Supreme Court replacement of RPG - Let the Voters Decided! 2 weeks of actions!

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09/25/2020 - 12:00pm
10/14/2020 - 12:59pm

Stop the Supreme Court replacement of RPG - Let the Voters Decided! 2 weeks of actions!

No Confirmation before Inauguration" mobilizations.


We know we’ve made a lot of asks of you over the last few days -- but Trump and his enablers in the Senate are counting on us losing momentum. By rushing to confirm a new justice with just a few weeks before the election, the GOP has made it obvious that they aren’t interested in hearing what we have to say. So, naturally, we plan on being as loud as possible.

There are three major moments in the upcoming days that you should keep a close eye on -- this Friday, this week, and beyond.
1. This Friday: we’re louder when we band together.

Take a look at our events map to get involved in SCOTUS events that are already happening all over the country. And, if you’re safely able to, take our demands right to the source by showing up at your Senate District Office this Friday, September 25. Like our Co-Executive Director, Ezra Levin, suggested on Maddow earlier this week -- you can bring flowers, mementos, or be creative! Whatever you can think of to honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s legacy. Don’t see an event that works for you? Organize your community and register your event here.
2. This week: persistence is key if we want to win this fight.

Here are the actions you can take to block the Senate from replacing Justice Ginsburg with a conservative extremist from Trump’s shortlist:

Join the "No Confirmation before Inauguration" mobilizations. This Sunday, after the nominee is announced, there will be another wave of partner mobilizations at 2pm local time at your local courthouses. You can use this guide to help plan your events here and you can also register your events on our events map here.
Call your Senators and demand that they refuse to confirm any new Supreme Court Justices until we have a new president. Make sure to call both of your senators and keep calling until we win. Remind them that they answer to their constituents, not the president.
Tweet at your Senators. Get our asks on their timelines and make sure all your followers can see.
Email your Senators. No Twitter? No problem. Send them this pre-written email with all our demands.
Watch and share this video about why we shouldn’t fill the SCOTUS seat so close to the election. Mitch McConnell was very clear about what we should do back in 2016.
Sign up to phonebank with Windivisible. Election Day is coming up fast so we need to let voters know what’s at stake in our fight for SCOTUS and how it’s connected to the race for the Senate.
Sign up for our emergency National Activist Call when Trump announces his SCOTUS nominee pick. Join this call to hear our response to Trump’s SCOTUS nominee and how you can take action based on the latest news.

3. Beyond: this is a fight we can win.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the grassroots activism that led to demonstrations all over the country -- like the gathering outside Payback Project target, Cory Gardner’s office. And stay in the loop, make sure to text RBG to 97779 and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all the developments in the fight to protect the Supreme Court.

People are listening, and they are outraged. Join us and make your voice heard this Friday.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team