Iraq and Afghan Memorial to Life ~ Mon-Thurs. Oct. 25-28

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10/25/2010 - 7:00pm
10/28/2010 - 7:59pm

Iraq and Afghan Memorial to Life

*Stacy Ambriz,, Student Coordinator

Memorial Set-up Sat.-Sun. Oct. 23-24

Memorial Display Mon.-Thurs. Oct. 25-28

Memorial Disassemble Fri. Oct. 29


Monday, Oct. 25 from 7-9 pm, Clarke Field House Grand Salon @ Cal State San Marcos

Tues. and Thurs. Oct. 26 & 28 U-hour (12:00-12:50 pm) Library Plaza @ Cal State San Marcos

Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial to Life

Sponsored by Human Development Club (plus other organizations, hopefully)

From October 25-28, 2010 a memorial to people who have been killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be displayed across the campus of California State University San Marcos. These wars have taken an enormous toll on our country, as well as on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial to Life will mark the deaths of both U. S. soldiers and Iraqi & Afghan civilians. Each small memorial marker represents a life (or a group of lives). The memorial makes the death toll real, giving names and dates to individuals who were killed in the wars and reminding viewers that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in a tragic loss of life. The memorial calls on viewers to consider the consequences of militarism, the lives—of both U. S. military and Iraqi and Afghan people—that have been lost, and the toll that the wars are taking on U. S., Iraq, and Afghan society. By remembering the value of individuals who have died, the memorial calls on viewers to reaffirm life and the value of life. Have a look at the website for the project:

How You Can Help

Co-sponsor/endorse the project

Help publicize it

Help provide security 8pm-8am from Sat. Oct. 23-Thurs. Oct. 28 ( please see sign-up sheet)

We would like to have 1-2 people staff the memorial as much as they can during the days, Oct. 26 & 28 — just be there to talk to viewers, answer questions. (Those who do so will be asked to come to a briefing meeting before the event, to get information they can share.)