Activist CommUNITY Member Zoom meeting; Election analysis, What do we do now?

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11/16/2020 - 7:00pm
11/16/2020 - 9:00pm
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Activist CommUNITY Member meeting; Election analysis, What do we do now?

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We will start our meeting with some awesome culture...

Action Agenda:
1) This we an historic election with naked authoritarianism on the ballot supported by millions. The defeat of Trump is incomplete as those forces have not changed their reactionary agenda to turn back the clock on social justice! This is no time to rest as we narrowly escaped.

What were we able to do? What were the lessons and the gains? Were we able to reach out to youth, communities of color and low propensity voters.

Most importantly WHAT DO WE DO NOW? How do we focus and build our movement, especially locally. We can we unite around a left-progressive agenda to create a "San Diego for ALL?" Let's make plans together to build our collective power.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COMMUNITY DISCUSSION ~~~~~~~

2) STRONG ORGANIZATION, it is the only thing that endures between elections and historic moments. Help Activist San Diego define its focus and participation in 2021! The 'March for Democracy Coalition' rallied the day after the election as the results hung precariously in the balance. -- We demanded "Count EVERY Vote". How can we build ASD membership AND help all the other organizations grow as well, so that together we achieve our common goal? Q&A.

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