What We Do

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Activist San Diego has the objective of promoting cyber contact to help progressive activists meet and mobilize with each other in real life. Web communications is a methodology and tactic for promoting social change, not a substitute for it.

Activist San Diego is the Activist Yellow Pages for the community of conscience.

The Activist San Diego web site serves the following functions:

1) COMMUNITY CALENDAR: A place where we can always find a community calendar of local events. The calendars of Progressive Activist Organizations in San Diego can be downloaded and posted. Calendars can be hotlinked to the WEB pages of the sponsoring organization, linked to pages about a presenter, linked to maps of the location and linked to full page information fliers for the event. Distribution is timely, there is no printing costs or printing delays and no postage to pay! The calendar can also easily be emailed to individuals and organizations that request it.

2) FLIER DISTRIBUTION: Progressive organizations can get their fliers to their members in a timely fashion and not burn up gas or funds for postage. Other organizations and individuals can download copies of fliers. Email messages can have a hotlinks to the web locations where the flier has been posted.

3) NETWORKING, COALITION BUILDING AND MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT: No more meetings where time is taken up writing down the names of other people and organizations. No more reinventing the wheel for each activity. Using Activist San Diego as your central clearinghouse for progressive organizations and activities will make your base-building or coalition-building much more effective. Organized directories of service, progressive and activist organizations will facilitate networking and coalition building.

4) NEW MEMBER OUTREACH: Members of the community who are looking to join or volunteer with an organization will have a much easier time finding the groups or organizations that match their goals. They can send an email inquiry at the touch of a key or download a copy of the organization's vision statement, phone contacts or meeting schedule. Organizations are indexed by name and by issues areas and can sign up members on the web with links to their home page.

5) EMERGENCY RESPONSE NETWORK: Activist San Diego arose in response to the real need for a rapid way for activist to respond to the bombing in Iraq last year. We needed a central place to look for the latest news and information updates and to inform others about the actions, that we would take the very day the bombing began. The WEB is an ideal communicator for many of these needs, when phonebankers are not available. Now all progressives will know where to look when a crisis arises making us a much more effective community and group of organizers.

6) SKILLS BUILDING AND A WEB ADDRESS: Many smaller organizations do not have web pages or means of economically creating them. We'd like to see every progressive group with a Web presence linking them to other activists and potential members. Activist San Diego provides web space for these organizations at a nominal fee. We also provide basic web skills workshop for small organizations that would facilitate their use of these tools and organizing resources. Also for a nominal fee organizations can email their fliers to us saved as HTML documents (or mail to us to scan)which we will post on the Web.

7) FUTURE EXPANSION: San Diegans could benefit by having local listserves where discussions could occur. Political and cultural chat rooms or discussion groups will be established for the free exchange of ideas and networking. Community bulletin boards will also be created. In the future it will be important to become a truly bilingual service where Spanish speakers in particular could participate.