Activist San Diego Testimonials

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"Activist San Diego is dedicated to helping people and organizations challenge the privileged plutocracy and become the active agents of their own lives, community, and nation. That's what democracy is all about."


Michael Parenti, progressive author and activist

The website is fantastic and I commend you all for making it so available- great work!

Sherry L. Wright NO ON KNIGHT, San Diego Field Coordinator

"This website was an awesome idea. If is wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have any idea what was going on. Thanks so much... It is refreshing to have not receive an automated response. I was made aware of the website at the Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park. My friend knew someone that was involved in collaborating on the website. I must admit that I thought I had nothing to contribute to any aspect of the web site except being a frequent visitor to it. Upon graduation from High School my association with organizations came to a Stop because I had to work and attend college full time. Now, I hope to re-establish connection with the activist world via ASD."

Amber King, student

Fantastic site: Thanks for all the effort!"

Randall Smith, software engineer/activist


I'm forwarding this so that others around the US and Europe can get a look at some of the things happening in San Diego but also to encourage progressives in other towns and cities to create activist websites. The idea is that the keyword "activist" would call up all of these websites and we could then share information more readily on a national/international basis. What do you think?

Jeanne Ertle - Coordinator for National Conference of DSA

I want to be part of the ASD network ... Activist San Diego is doing a great job so I have talked your group up to other progressive groups.

Bob Katz - Founder/Chair of the San Diego Action Network

Activist San Diego is fabulous! Thank you so much.

God bless us all,

Ilena Rose

Good Morning ASD, I had a chance to really explore the web site for the first time, as well as look at your content. I am really impressed.

Deborah Smaller -Boardmember, San Diego Foundation for Change

Hello ASD, Yours is just a great newsletter. It's the only one that I read all the way through. Thanks so much for putting your award from the foundation on it. What a great idea! I am forwarding your newsletter to my friends.

Victoria Danzig - Founder of the San Diego Foundation for Change

If it had not been for the Activist San Diego's events calendar, I would not have known about an event that I really wanted to attend. I had read the speaker's book, but would never have known he was coming to San Diego. Thanks so much.

Colin Jessop

I'm a big fan of Activist San Diego...

Jeanne Ertle - DSA

Activist San Diego is terrific; you certainly put together a lot of resources.

Audrie Krause (

Thank you so much for the support and thank you for having Activist San Diego available!!!

Annie Korn -- No on Knight Campaigner

Just wanted to send a THANK YOU for this wonderful web-site.

Ruba Fakhoury - Justice for DuBose Committee

I've really enjoyed getting your Newsletter! Thank you so much for posting our events. We appreciate it. Hopefully we'll have more people from the community participate in events up here.

Erik Lee - Calendar Coordinator of Latin American Studies, UCSD