Activist Youth Summit: Mon, Nov 15, 6pm

Speaking out on organizing issues for the next generation

MONDAY, NOV. 15 at 6-8 pm
November’s Activist CommUNITY meeting will be a Youth Summit, speaking out on the organizing issues for the next generation.This virtual event on Zoom will focus on youth voices to inform each other and elder allies about the tasks ahead.

1) WHICH are the burning issues affecting youth today?
2) WHAT lasting change have youth created and what strategies did they use?

3) HOW can this generation in San Diego organize to bring about the needed changes?
4) WHAT kind of organization is needed to provide long-term stability, education and training to assure success? How can allies support youth initiatives?
5) WHEN & how will we continue to meet to make progress?
6) TODAY, Who will volunteer to take on some of the organizing work to keep this moving forward? Youth around the world are having an increasing impact! Students see the world and their future being foreclosed by the injustices of the present system. Inequality is growing! The climate is changing. Pandemic are spreading. Immigrants have been forced to flee war, violence, drought and inequality. Women are demanding equity. Racism has reached the White House and is threatening to return even stronger. BUT this is also a time of great hope too!
Young people know if there is NO change there will be NO bright future for them. Millions marched in 2020 for racial Justice. Millions of high school students took to the street to demand an end to gun violence. Cries for Gender justice are ever louder! Young voices are LEADING voices in the struggle for climate justice. Immigrants are demanding human rights. LGBTQIA are coming out of the shadows, proud and determined. Progress can happen now.If we organize — a new world is possible! This summit is one of thousands around the country. It is the one step towards flipping the narrative and lifting the voices of a new generation of leaders.Join us, spread the word, rebel against injustices. We are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

Questions: Call 619-988-5175  Adrien

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