ASD’s July CommUnity Summit – Freedom: Is it black and white?

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You are invited to join the conversation at our July Virtual CommUnity Summit

Let’s face it, America is at an impasse. Our very survival as a democracy depends on us being able to understand our comprehensive history, and figure out how to bridge the divides which have been growing over the years. 

This month, Setche Kwamu-Nana, Activist San Diego’s Board President will lead us in a community discussion on the concept of freedom, and what it means to each of us.
We hope you will join the discussion!  

“Getting outside our echo chambers” is a desire often heard, and for this meeting, we are venturing outside to uncharted territory.  We hope you will join us for a virtual night of listening, sharing, and hopefully, further mutual understanding and collaboration in striving for a more equitable and just society where we all can thrive regardless of the circumstances we are born into! ♥️

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